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English speaking lawyers in Moldova

My Lawyer Abroad is an International network of independent lawyers in different Countries, serving similar sectors and sharing common standards, and are able to offer a multi-country or cross border service to international customers. The members of the network have come together to offer professional services at the highest standards.

International markets, multiculturalism, multinational companies, cross nations interests, migration, international marriages /divorce, international taxation and so on, represent a growing reality to which Lawyers from all around the world must adapt. If becoming a Lawyer has always been difficult, being an international Lawyer is even more difficult. The skills required, knowledge and different languages makes International advising extremely difficult.

Thus said, we fully understand the International environment, the challenges of cross border issues and the problems a person or company may face in a foreign Country. And, in order to offer professional results and be able to face the ever-changing needs of individuals travelling, moving or living abroad, companies  operating at an international level, and lots of other cross border issues, we have developed an integrated network of Independent lawyers that makes this process as smooth as possible.

We can assist you with your legal problems in many countries through our Lawyers colleagues in the network. All member lawyers affiliated with our network are Professional Lawyers, Registered and speak English fluently, and are able to provide a variety of legal services in the country they practice, and at a reasonable price.

Contracting a Lawyer abroad won’t be a risky business anymore.

When you are contacted by a professional from our network, you will benefit from a number of guarantees and advantages such as:
The lawyer will speak a high-level of English. The lawyer has a good reputation, is registered with the relevant Professional Regulatory Body before joining our network, and will be covered by professional indemnity insurance. You will receive an up-front, detailed quotation, guaranteed to be competitive.

And, obtaining these guarantees costs you absolutely nothing!

We can help you find an English speaking Lawyer to assist with your legal issues in different parts of the Country.

Our Network offers legal service in all Moldova, and we count with skilled professionals in different locations such as:

English speaking Lawyers in Chișinău

Our network of Lawyers in Moldova counts with over 10 lawyers and other related professionals, and provides a variety of legal services including:

• Work and Residence Permits in Moldova
• Divorce and Family Law
• Inheritance Services
• Real Estate Purchases and Sales in Moldova
• Commercial and Residential Lettings in Moldova
• International Business and Trade
• Debt Collection and Recovery
• Business Set-up and support in Moldova
• Contract Drafting and Resolution of Contractual Disputes
• Corporate Governance
• International Litigation
• Employment Law in Moldova

Other professionals: Notaries in Moldova, Accountants in Moldova, Insurance Services in Moldova, Translators /Interpreters in Moldova, and Other Legal Professionals…

Join our Community around the world:


Feel free  to CONTACT us and comment us any legal problem you may have. Our team will be happy to assist you. Thank you for your trust in our Lawyers Network!

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