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Spain: Certificate of personal status

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Certificate of personal status

  • What is it?
  • Who can request it?/present
  • How to request it/present

What is it?

The Certificate of Personal Status is the document that certifies that a person is alive, as well as their marital status.

Certification of life and single, widowed or divorced status is issued by the corresponding document from the Registrar or Acting Registrar of the Civil Register (following an appearance by the individual in question). That the person is alive can also certified by the appearance of the individual or by a notarised certificate of appearance, and the single, widowed or divorced status, by a sworn affidavit or solemn affirmation by the individual or by a notarised certificate.

Who can request it?/present

It may be requested by any citizen who so requires.

How to request it/present

  • In person, before the Registrar or Acting Registrar of the Civil Register corresponding to the residence, and by delegation, before the Justice of the Peace corresponding to the residence of the individual in question.
  • Whenever possible, the individuals themselves will certify their identity or marital status.
  • Given the special nature of this procedure, the interested party must go personally to the Civil Register corresponding to their residence, with their National Identification Card (DNI) and, when appropriate, their Family Book. If the individual is unable to go personally due to a disability, another person may go in their place, providing in each case a copy of their National Identification Card, a copy of the interested party’s National Identification Card, and a recent medical Certificate (medical Certificates older than fifteen days will not be accepted, generally) or other documents that certify the situation.
  • Marriage is proven with the marriage certificate, and therefore the “Married Status Certification” will not be issued.

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