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The Power of the Spanish Passport

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As of June 2019, Spanish citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 186 (of 189 as the maximum) countries and territories, ranking the ordinary Spanish passport 4th in terms of travel freedom according to the Henley visa restrictions index.

Spanish citizens can live and work in any country within the EU as a result of the right of free movement and residence granted in Article 21 of the EU Treaty.

Visa duration (in some countries)


Botswana: 90 days

Comoros (visa on arrival)

Djibouti: 1 month (visa on arrival)

Egypt:1 month (visa on arrival, 38 €)

Ethiopia: 3 months (visa on arrival)

Kenia: 3 months (visa on arrival)

Lesotho: 14 days

Madagascar: 3 months (visa on arrival)

Malawi: 3 months

Mauritius: 6 months

Mayotte: unlimited access

Morocco: 3 meses

Mozambique: 1 month (visa on arrival)

Namibia: 3 month

Réunion: unlimited access

Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cuhna: 90 days

Senegal: 3 months

Seychelles: 1 month

South Africa: 3 months

Eswatini (visa free on arrival)

Tanzania (visa on arrival)

Togo: 7 días (visa on arrival)

Tunisia: 4 months

Uganda (visa on arrival)

Zambia (visa on arrival)

Zimbabwe: 3 months (visa on arrival)


Anguilla: 3 months

Antigua and Barbuda: 1 month

Dutch Caribbean: 14 days

Argentina: 3 months

Aruba: 3 months

Bahamas: 3 months

Barbados: 6 months

Belize: 1 month

Bermuda: 6 months

Bolivia: 3 months

Brazil: 3 months (hotel booking + return ticket)

Canada: 6 months (previous authorization of eTA system)

Cayman Islands: 1 month

Chile: 3 months

Colombia: 3 months

Costa Rica: 3 months

Dominica: 6 months

Dominican Republic: 1 month (With tourist card of 10 USD $)

Ecuador: 3 months

El Salvador: 3 months

French Guyana: unlimited access

Greenland: 3 months

Grenada: 3 months

Guadeloupe: unlimited access

Guatemala: 3 months

Guyana: 3 months

Haiti: 3 months

Honduras: 3 months

Jamaica: 3 months

Martinique: unlimited access

Mexico: 6 months

Montserrat: 3 months

Nicaragua: 3 months

Panama: 3 months

Paraguay: 3 months

Peru: 3 months

Puerto Rico: 3 months (previous authorization of ESTA system)

Saint Kitts and Nevis: 3 months

Saint Lucia: 28 days

Saint Pierre and Miquelon: 3 months

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: 1 month

Trinidad and Tobago: 3 months

Turks and Caicos Islands: 1 month

United States: 3 months (previous authorization of ESTA system)

Uruguay: 3 months

Venezuela: 3 months

British Virgin Islands: 1 month

US Virgin Islands: 3 months (previous authorization of ESTA system)


Armenia: 21 days (visa on arrival)

Azerbaijan: 30 days (visa on arrival)

Bahrain: 90 days (visa on arrival 75 €)

Bangladesh: 15 days (visa on arrival)

Brunei: 90 days

Cambodia: 1 month (visa on arrival US$30)

Hong Kong: 3 months

Indonesia: 30 days (visa on arrival)

Iran: 15 days (visa on arrival – only in international airports)

Iraq: visa on arrival

Israel: 3 months

Japan: 90 days (extendable until 180 days)

Jordan: 1 month (visa on arrival, 10JOD)

Kuwait: 3 months (visa on arrival)

Kirgysztan: 1 month (visa on arrival)

Laos: 30 days (visa on arrival, US$35)

Lebanon: 15 days (visa on arrival, 25000LL)

Macau: 1 year

Malaysia: 3 months

Maldives: 30 days

Nepal: 60 days (visa on arrival)

Oman: 1 month (visa on arrival)

Philippines: 30 days

Qatar: 21 days (visa on arrival)

South Korea: 3 months

Singapore: 30 days

Sri Lanka: 30 days

Thailand: 30 days by air, 15 days by land/sea

Taiwan: 90 days

East Timor: 30 days (visa on arrival)

United Arab Emirates: 30 days (visa on arrival)

Yemen: 3 months (visa on arrival)


Albania: 1 month


Bosnia and Herzegovina: 90 days

Faroe Islands: 90 days

Georgia: 1 year


Iceland: unlimited access

Isle of Man:


Liechtenstein: unlimited access

Macedonia: 90 days

Moldova: 90 days

Monaco: 90 days

Montenegro: 90 days

Norway: unlimited access

San Marino: 90 days

Serbia: 90 days

Switzerland: unlimited access

Ukraine: 90 days

Vatican City: 90 days


American Samoa: 30 days

Australia: e-visa (Electronic Travel Authority)

Norfolk Island: e-visa (Electronic Travel Authority)

Fiji: 4 months

French Polynesia: 90 days

Guam: 90 days

Kiribati: 28 days

Marshall Islands: 30 days (visa on arrival)

Micronesia: 30 days

New Caledonia: 90 days

New Zealand: 3 months

Northern Mariana Islands: 30 days

Cook Islands: 31 days

Niue: 30 days

Palau: 30 days (visa on arrival)

Papua New Guinea: 90 days (visa on arrival)

Samoa: 60 days

Solomon Islands: 3 months

Tonga: 31 days

Tuvalu: 1 month (visa on arrival)

Vanuatu: 30 days

Wallis and Futuna: 90 days

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